Sounds of Space Engineers

08/04/2021 | Space engineers

Greetings Engineers!


We want to start by thanking everyone that submitted an entry to our Sounds of Space Engineers music competition. What an incredible turnout!


With over 300 submissions we extended the deadline for judging and pushed our release announcement Live Stream one week. This provided us with time to listen, judge, and enjoy all of the incredible music you sent us.


We have decided to extend our “winners” category from containing the top three to the top 15! Not only this, all winning entries will be awarded a prize package that includes: $50 Steam or Zazzle Gift Card + Space Engineers Ultimate Edition (PC or Xbox) + 3 Character Skin Sets, as well as the opportunity to have their submissions featured, in-game, on the Space Engineers Jukebox! 


Our contest winners, in no specific order:


  1. Entropy – Epicarmina
  2. Space Pirates – Bart Zeal & Ruben Isarin
  3. The City Lies – Exelan
  4. SpaceItOut – SWAUSAGE
  5. Sector 347 – Jan Altherr
  6. Designing The Fleet – Limnull
  7. Last Day on Triton – Aaron Schxfer
  8. EXODUS – Gordon Saverimuthu
  9. Sands of the Slave Princess – Windflower Falls
  10. Growing Wild – Timo Letsch
  11. Space Angels – Musicfonts
  12. Into the Asteroid Field – Lynxi Ft. Umbria
  13. Colossus On Fire – Dave Rodriguez
  14. Timeless Space – Marcin Kłysewicz
  15. Space Engineers Main Theme (EPIC COVER) – KhydroDjent


Honorable Mention:

  • Space Elevator – Gordon Saverimuthu

For complete contest details please see our Sounds Of Space Engineers post on Steam.