Space Engineers Automatons

13/04/2023 | Space engineers

Automaton: “A machine that performs a function according to a predetermined set of coded instructions, especially one capable of a range of programmed responses to different circumstances.”


Hello, Engineers!

This update will not only reshape automation, but it will also serve as a basis for continued exploration of the “NPC” concept.

Automation has never been so easy! Complex mechanized systems can now be more easily realized through use of the new “Event Controller”. Airlocks, docking clamps, loading bays, and mecha controls are now simpler than ever. The event controller not only provides new functionality, but delivers this functionality in an easy to use and easy to understand block. These powerful new mechanics will create new engineering opportunities and serve as a foundation for future upgrades and improvements to the existing PvE content.

From flight control to combat maneuvers, the AI series of blocks delivers a completely new way to automate every aspect of your Space Engineers experience. Taxi service from space station to planetary surface? Guardian drone to patrol the perimeter while you are away? Perhaps you would like a helper to follow you while mining, or working, and shoulder the load. All of this and so much more is easily accomplished!

Explore a future full of automated and animated allies and enemies. For this Major update we have provided you with the tools you need to define a new era in automation. These new blocks empower your creativity like never before. We cannot wait to see the workshop come ALIVE with new creations.

Free Content

AI Blocks

The AI blocks give you the creative tools to completely change what a “grid” is and custom tailor your own automated creation. These tools can empower your creativity like never before! AI blocks have been added to the base game and allow the easy creation of truly autonomous drones.

This is only the beginning as we continue our exploration of the autonomous.

  • AI Flight (Move) – 1 block, S + L grid
    • Designed for flight control in both space and atmosphere. The Flight block enables complex behaviors in-flight as well as detailed control of how your grid will move in both space and atmosphere.
  • AI Basic (Task) – 1 block, S + L grid
    • An extended version of the Remote Control block that provides complex functions such as following the player, traveling to a “Home” destination, and of course Autopilot, as well as the original basic behaviors.
  • AI Recorder (Task) – 1 block, S + L grid
    • A precision flight path recorder. The recorder can not only log and follow a selection of waypoints, but it is also able to record and replay hotbar actions that trigger on waypoints.  
  • AI Defensive (Combat) – 1 block, S + L grid
    • Allows for the easy automation of complex defensive behaviors such as when (and how) to flee combat, as well as what locations to fall back to. Additionally, the defensive AI can determine what weapons to use when returning fire, and how to identify a possible threat.
  • AI Offensive (Combat) – 1 block, S + L grid
    • The Offensive block is a highly level AI block. Able to perform extremely complex tasks including target identification, targeting priority, and execution of complex attack patterns.

Each block comes in 1x1x1 size with both Large and Small grids variants. Players can build more than one of each Type block on a grid, to create extremely complex and nuanced drones and drone behaviors. Of each Type, only 1 block can be active at the same time.

The Event Controller
(1 block, S + L grid)
You asked, we delivered. Often requested in a myriad of different imagined forms, the concept of tracking a change in the state of one block, and taking an action based on that change, is something we have long wanted to tackle. We are very proud to deliver on this concept in what we feel is a comprehensive, but still easy to master, “Event Controller”.

The Event Controller can monitor various block states and trigger toolbar Actions when those values change. This can be used in conjunction with other automation blocks to create logic systems on grids.

The event controller is a powerhouse addition to existing Space Engineers mechanical blocks. The concept of action, reaction, may seem simple on the surface, but when coupled with existing SE solutions, it has the power to simplify the complex, or add much needed functionality to simplistic design.

Willis Ducts
(8 blocks, L grid)
Maintenance Ducts large enough for an engineer to crawl through.

Conveyor Cap
(3 blocks, S + L grid)
Decorative pipe cap for conveyor tubes and cargo ports.

Centered Armor Panels
(2 blocks S + L grid – light & heavy)
An offset armor panel version.

Air Vent
(1 block S + L grid)
A full sized air vent block with conveyor ports on 5 of 6 sides.

2×2 Wheels
(2 blocks, S + L grid)
A 2×2 “vanilla” wheel variant of both large and small grid size.

QOL Change – Small Ship Connector
Small grid “Ejector” block has been changed to Small Connector (including Connector functionality). This is another long-requested item we are happy to deliver.

QOL Change – Turret Controller
Custom Turret Controller now has the much requested “Sun Tracking” option!

QOL Change – Landing Gear lock
Locked Landing Gear no longer takes control of the grids they are attached to.

QOL Change – Weapon Names
Various weapons + corresponding ammo names have been changed for consistency and ease of discovery via the search bar. You can find a full list of all the impacted weapons in the changelog.

Combat Improvements

  • Updated Combat Guide:
  • The “Forget Target” and “Copy Target” actions have been removed
  • New action: Focus Locked Target (replacing Copy target)
  • When triggering this action, turrets will prioritize the target that is currently fully target locked by the player
  • Target Lock Improvement
  • Turrets are now capable of seeing and engaging targets that are fully target locked by the player passively, as long as that target is within each turret’s maximum range and Line of Sight. This means turrets will now automatically engage a locked target if it is within the turret’s max range and LoS, and the turret is not already engaging another target.
  • Added Grey Lead Indicator + “Out of weapon range” text indicator when you are out of range for the selected weapon

  • Increased Target Locking distance by 500m, totaling 2500m
  • Turrets: cycle subsystem in toolbar now shows the name of currently selected subsystem
  • UI improvements: New overlay when manually controlling turrets

Free DLC Content Additions

2×2 Off-road Wheels
(2 blocks, S + L grid), Added to the Wasteland Pack
A Wasteland version of the new 2×2 wheels.

Conveyor Pipe Cap
(L grid), Added to the Heavy Industry Pack
Decorative rounded pipe caps added to the Heavy Industry Pack.

Automatons Pack

Similar to our previous major releases, we hope you will take this opportunity to support the continued development of Space Engineers. This DLC pack consists of cosmetic items that enrich your game visually. None of the features in this package provide any advantage to players who purchase this DLC.

The price of the Automatons Pack is $4.99 USD or your regional equivalent. Show your continued support for Space Engineers and check out the Automatons Pack.

This package includes:

Emotion Controller & 16 Emotions
(1 block, S + L grid)
Machines can be expressive too! The Emotion Controller allows easy communication of grid states through the event controller. Keep your ships happy.

Saddle Cockpit, Compact Saddle Cockpit
(2 blocks, S grid)
Speed through the landscape on a motorcycle style cockpit. Comes in a 3x3x3 and slightly more compact 3x3x2 version.

Robot Helmet Skin
A new helmet skin with a robotic face.

Plastic Armor Skin
A new “plastic” style armor skin.

Warning Signs
(13 variants L grid, 13 variants S grid)
A sign for every occasion. A collection of warning message signs to adorn your ship, and prevent disaster!

Top Mounted Camera
(1 block, S + L grid)
A larger, armored reskin of the traditional camera block.

Angled Interior Wall
(2 blocks, L grid)
An interior wall angled variant. Used to construct interesting and detailed looking corridors, tunnels or interiors.

Inset Light Block
(1 block, S + L grid)
An Interior wall with an integrated light. Add lights in a tight corridor or when space is at a premium.

Pipework Block
(2 blocks, L grid)
A new decorative pipework block, for added visual appeal.

Access Panels
(4 blocks, S + L grid)
Control panel block, with access hatch.

Air Vent Fan
(2 blocks, S + L grid)
A massive industrial fan variant of the air vent. Includes half-block and full block versions.

Automaton Programmable Block
(1 block, S+L grid)
“Server rack” style Programmable Block variant with a console and LCD panel.

Automaton Timer Block
(1 block, S+L grid)
Following the Programmable Block theme, a “server rack” style timer block.

Automaton Sensor
(1 block, S + L grid)
A larger, armored reskin of the sensor block.

You can find more details here.