Space Engineers: Hotfix 193.103 is Live!

23/12/2019 | Blog

Hello, Engineers!

We would like to celebrate the Holidays with all of you, our players, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or any other holiday during this festive season.

Today’s release is a special one, because we are bringing you a number of “presents”. The first one, the Small Window blocks have been requested by many players, so we decided to add them to the game. There are 20 small window block variations in total, so I’m sure you’ll unleash your creativity even more now.

Another one is the Large Open Cockpit, which has also been super popular with our community. This cockpit is an addition to already existing seats, but again, we listened to our community and we decided to give it to you as a Christmas present.
Finally, we are adding additional Catwalk variants into the Deco Pack 2 DLC so they look good in even more situations. This upgrade is free for everyone who already owns the Deco Pack 2.

Thank you for being such an awesome community! We hope you’ll enjoy this update and that you’ll have a great time playing Space Engineers during the holiday season.


For all the details please see our forum post below.