Space Engineers Most Wanted

28/04/2022 | Space engineers

Hello, Engineers!

Our newest release is here! YOU, our community, are the inspiration for this release. We have reviewed your feedback and from it, created a collection of new additions based on your requests.

  • Free, Community inspired update
  • New blocks: Plushie Engineer, Ladder Shaft, Conveyor Convertor, and more!
  • Updated DLC Blocks (free): Railing Variants, Neon Tube variants, and Grated catwalk variants, and more!
  • New skins: Weldless Armor Skin, Corrugated Armor Skin
  • Quality of Life & Bug Fixes: New Camera Skin, Targeting corrects for gravity, and of course a host of bug fixes.
  • Major update & “Free-LC”

We would like to start by thanking you for all of the suggestions, bug reports, and feedback submitted to our support portal. Over the past year (2022) You have helped us to identify and resolve over 345 bugs and crashes, and given us insight into your vision for the future of Space Engineers. We hope this update contains some of the many items we have seen on wishlists and the support portal. This update contains several highly requested blocks, fixes, and improvements.

While all Major updates are free, many include a premium (DLC) component. This “Community” update is completely free and contains no DLC. On top of this it includes new content for existing DLCs (this means an additional free update for everyone who owns these DLC’s). Our focus in the Community update is on blocks the community may consider missing, and on important fixes across Space Engineers.

This update will be just that, an update that focuses solely on community requested content.

We will not be releasing any premium content or DLC with this update.

Our focus in this update was to identify community requested content. Typically, with a major update that also includes premium content, we have a theme or vision and create cosmetics that help realize that vision. This time, the theme, the vision, was simply to review requests and answer as many as possible!

While we certainly didn’t get to every community request (there are many) we focused on realizing as many as possible from the most commonly requested items.

New blocks added to the base game:

  • New Armor shapes (S + L grid, Light + Heavy, 40 blocks total)
  • T Junction Conveyor (S + L grid, 2 blocks total)
  • Round Windows (S + L grid, 16 blocks total)
  • Small advanced rotor (S grid, 1 block)
  • Conveyor Converter (S grid, 1 block)
  • Half Cover Wall Mirror (L grid, 1 block)
  • Plushie Engineer (S grid, 1 block)
  • Ladder Shaft (L grid, 1 block)
  • Reinforced Conveyors (S + L grid, 6 blocks total)

New Armor Skins added to the base game:

  • Weldless Armor Skin
  • Corrugated Metal Armor Skin

We are also adding the new, and much requested Camera Overlay, as well as some quality of life changes. Lead Indicator is now working in Gravity, we have tweaked explosion values for Explosive Ammo and added center variable for block mirroring.

FREE content is also being added to some of the Existing DLC’s:

Inverted Corner Desks (L grid, 2 blocks total)

Grated Catwalk Variants (L grid, 4 blocks total)
Railing Variants (L grid, 3 blocks total)

Neon Tubes (L grid got 3 new shapes, S grid got 8 new shapes, 11 blocks total)

Diagonal Window Wall (L grid, 2 blocks total)

Industrial conveyor T-junction 

Diagonal Bridge Window Inverted (L grid, 1 block)

You can find the full changelog here.