Announcing Space Engineers on PlayStation

08/12/2022 | Space engineers

Greetings, Engineers! 

Space Engineers, developed on PC, has sold more than 4 million copies and reached a worldwide audience. Now, almost two years after the successful release of Space Engineers on Xbox we are looking forward to another release. We want every engineer to be able to play on their platform of choice. 


Space Engineers game is coming to PlayStation!

Keen Software House will be joining forces with Sony to deliver Space Engineers to PlayStation in 2023. We feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to share our “Need to Create” and cannot wait to see what new creations are realized with this release.


As of today, Space Engineers are available to wishlist on PlayStation store

Early next year, we will start the preorder and we will be releasing the Founder’s pack Beta, which will include the latest DLC package for free for all who pre-ordered. The Beta pack will be focusing on polishing and bug fixing the game before the final release. 

Once we are happy with the status of the beta version, we will be releasing the final release. 

PlayStation & Space Engineers

Of course, you very likely have many questions. We have compiled a list of some of the most anticipated topics and answers. While we cannot cover every topic or every possible inquiry, we wanted to cover the most common topics and feature requests.

  • Crossplay: Our PlayStation release of Space Engineers will launch with Crossplay enabled. PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players will be able to team up on day one!
  • Dedicated Servers: Yes, we will release with Epic Online Services (EOS) servers. These servers will be shared with Xbox and PC players. We are prepared to increase the pool of available public servers as we adjust for increased traffic.
  • In-game scripting (Programmable Block): Scripting will not be available in single player or locally hosted multiplayer. This is simply a limitation of all the console platforms. Scripting will be available on dedicated servers.
  • Mod support: Yes, mods will be fully supported with some restrictions. No client side scripting will be available.
  • Mods and Blueprints: Yes, of course,
  • PCU limits: PCU limits and restrictions will be identical to those seen on other platforms. These parameters will be consistent in single player as well as multiplayer, and in normal play as well as experimental play mode.
    • PlayStation 4 – 100k, 200k (Experimental)
    • PlayStation 4 Pro – 100k, 200k (Experimental)
    • PlayStation 5 – 100k, 500k (Experimental)

What’s inside the PlayStation version?

We strived to bring all of the key features from the PC version to the PlayStation. 

However, these are the main differences:

  • Multi-player
    • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro will support 4 player multiplayer (lobby)
    • PlayStation 5 will support 8 player multiplayer (lobby)
    • Dedicated servers will be available, on launch, through Nitrado.
  • Graphics
    • PlayStation 5 has a higher graphic setting (higher textures, better models, improved post processing) than PlayStation 4 Pro, which has higher settings than PlayStation 4.
  • Features
    • Some large asteroids are not available
    • Unknown signals are not supported
    • No community translations
    • All Armors cost 2 PCUs
  • Scenarios 
    • Third party scenarios are not supported
    • All the first party scenarios are supported (First Jump, Learning to Survive, Never Surrender etc.), except for Lost Colony.

We are committed to bring all the future updates and DLCs to the PlayStation version of Space Engineer simultaneously with other platforms.

Performance Notes

Performance depends on the complexity of your world and which type of PlayStation you are playing on. Simple worlds run smoothly on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro while even better performance and a higher level of complexity (on worlds) is possible on the PlayStation 5. 

Don’t see the topic or answer you are looking for? We hope to address every topic as development continues. Expect regular updates on our progress as we continue development of Space Engineers for PlayStation.


Excited about Space Engineers coming to PlayStation? Wishlist your copy of Space Engineers today and receive notifications about the start date of PRE-ORDERS!

Pre-Orders will receive exclusive access to the Closed Beta as well as the latest DLC pack!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the PlayStation version be different from the PC version?
A: Yes, we expect this release to stay true to our vision of Space Engineers and include all of the core features we see on PC. Nevertheless, we had to reduce some complexity and quality settings to deliver the smooth performance on the PlayStation 4 hardware.

Q: Will the PlayStation version be different from the Xbox version? 
A: No. Console ports are identical and performing very similarly to their generation counterparts (Xbox One = PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X = PlayStation 5). 

Q: Will you release an Ultimate edition? 
A: Yes, we plan to release an Ultimate Edition bundle in a similar way to XBOX.

Q: When will Space Engineers release on PlayStation?
A: Our tentative release date of the first half of 2023. 

Q: What are the advantages of having Space Engineers on PlayStation?
A: We share Space Engineers with more players, the community grows, and more novel creations get created!