Space Engineers “Warfare 1”

22/04/2021 | Space engineers

The next Major (1.198) release for Space Engineers is upon us. Warfare 1: Field Engineer provides you with new choices in how you create and destroy. Field Engineers is the first installment in our all-new Warfare content! Warfare 1 doesn’t just focus on the Engineer, it also includes new blocks to outfit your base, space station, or fortress. Prepare your defense or lay siege like never before.

  • Infantry combat overhaul
  • Rocket launcher, new pistols and rifles, rework of existing rifles, and more
  • New PvP scenario: Uranium Heist
  • 15 new blocks: Target dummy, Passages, Half window and more
  • Emotes and skin
Free Content

With this release we are expanding the number of blocks, adding new weapons, and introducing new gameplay features, and expanding your creative arsenal!

You can find a complete list of all free game content below. We are also offering you the opportunity to support the future development of Space Engineers by buying the Warfare 1: Field Engineer DLC, which includes even more thematic additions to Space Engineers!

Infantry combat overhaul

This update features an overhaul of the handheld weapons and infantry combat. A number of big changes went into making Space Engineers infantry combat more rewarding, consistent, and compelling.

Infantry combat improvements – Friendly/hostile indicators, hit indicators, and damage indicators have been added to improve combat awareness and battle feedback.

New weapon mechanics – Our infantry weapons now feature recoil, muzzle climb, and reloading.

Existing weapon rebalance – The existing rifles are now rebalanced to each fit a particular niche and have a distinctive feel. What’s your rifle of choice?

Ammo rework – Small arms now use their own specific magazines and ammo, and need to be reloaded when empty.

Magazines visual update – Rifles have new magazines that visually match their ammo capacity. More bullets? Bigger magazine!

Name changes – Rifles, pistols, and rocket launchers are all now named and described in a way that is consistent with the Space Engineers universe.

S Series Pistol – 3 Variants

The S series standard issue sidearm. Built for use in hostile environments: Simple, reliable, dependable.Provided in three variants: Semi-auto (S-10), Full auto (S-20A), and Elite (S-10E).

MR Series Rifle – 4 Variants

The MR series is a staple of both military and police forces. An exceptionally reliable rifle. Easy to use, easy to clean. Provided in four variants: The standard (MR-20), Marksman (MR-8P), Squad Support (MR-50A), and of course, the cutting edge MR-30E packed with all the latest tech, gadgets, and goodies.

Rocket Launcher Weapon – 2 Variants

Looking for something that packs more of a punch? Basic and Precision launchers are the weapons of choice when faced with mechanized opposition.

Uranium Heist scenario

Gather your team and face off against two other teams of four and test your combat prowess in this action-packed close combat scenario. Gather the uranium, repair your escape pod, and fight for victory!

Target Dummy Block

Target practice on your target dummy! The Target dummy is a block made of several destructible subparts. Main body, left arm, right arm, and head.

The Target Dummy is a robotic target capable of triggering actions when hit by bullets. Low maintenance, the Target Dummy can self repair even after the most severe damage and will be ready for your next round of weapons testing or target practice!

New passage blocks

Two new passage blocks have been added to bring interior hallways up to a more modern visual standard. One can be used as a replacement for regular passage and the other is a “wall-passage” designed for the creation of larger hallways.


Warfare 1: Field Engineer Pack

Similar to our previous major releases, we hope you will take this opportunity to support the continued development of Space Engineers. This DLC pack consists of cosmetic items that enrich your game visually. None of the features in this package provide any advantage to players who purchase this DLC.

The price of the Warfare 1: Field Engineer Pack is $3.99 USD or your regional equivalent. Show your continued support for Space Engineers and check out the Warfare 1: Field Engineer Pack.

This DLC package includes:

Fire Cover Block

Provides excellent cover while crouched behind it and provides a limited line of fire through the lower gaps. Comes in 2 different variations, both Normal and Corner.

Half window Block

The half window is much like the cover wall with a viewing window above it. The block is air-tight and connects nicely with vanilla window blocks. Comes in 2 different variations, both Normal and Corner.

Weapon Rack Block

The weapons rack is an open locker that stores your armament inside. A home for your new arsenal. Keep it well-stocked, well guarded, and behind lock & key. Provided in small and large grid versions.

More Passage Blocks

Five new passage blocks provide greater possibilities for interior design and provide an easy-to-navigate space. Designed in several new variations: Regular, Crossroads, Light, Side, and Entry.

Embrasure Block

Having the dimensions of a half armor block, this block serves as a window for players to fire through while still maximizing cover from incoming fire. An ancient innovation now brought to the far future battlefield of Space Engineers.

Two new Emotes

“Got hit”: Oh no, they got me!
“Finger guns”: Fire off a few warning shots.

Assault Suit skin

The Assault Suit skin combines precision engineering, state of the art design, steel, and kevlar. The end result is a highly resistant, hermetically sealed, military exoskeleton. The Assault suit skin is designed for one purpose, war.

All the items in the pack are cosmetic only.

You can find the full changelog here.