Wasteland Update and DLC

Space Engineers “Wasteland”

26/11/2020 | Space engineers



Ready, Steady, Go! 


The new Wasteland release is here! Wasteland is all about speed, dust, roaring engines, twisted metal, and especially, fun with your friends. We have focused heavily on the multiplayer experience, something we hope you enjoy with other players. Wasteland provides you with new choices when designing your creations. With this new set of blocks, you can now build even better vehicles, cars, and rovers. And we can’t wait to see what you create!  

This release will offer something truly unique and special. As you may have noticed over the last few months we have made a push to get our Xbox content inline with PC content so that this, and all future releases, can happen at the same time.

We are extremely excited about this!

This should prevent delays in content delivery between platforms and help serve as a unifier for both PC and Xbox platforms. From this point forward you can expect more content, delivered at the same time, on both platforms, with zero delays between them.

Included in our most recent development cycle are some items that are both heavily requested by the community (11 more armor block shapes!) and some powerful new tools for content creators (Ultimate Spectator).


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